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The daily itinerary is more or less fixed, too. Last-minute changes are possible. The current timetable will be displayed during xplore. On site there will be a catering service to provide participants snacks and lunch (not included in admission).

We are happy to seduce and maybe even inspire you with our many lectures.

We proudly present the following people and themes on xplore08.

Theme of xplore08 is: Performance / Action / Material

performance and action

hard stuff

soft stuff




room 1 room 2 room 3
Friday, 25. Juli 2008
11 Uhr empathy knifes Yoga & Bondage
13 Uhr Godzilla & Bambi urine Partner-Yoga
16 Uhr farm drugs latex
18 Uhr symmetry fire Expansion/R
20 Uhr oil electricity tissue
Saturday, 26. Juli 2008
11 Uhr empathy electricity Yoga & Bondage
13 Uhr oil water Partner-Yoga
16 Uhr farm knifes feces
18 Uhr submission steel tissue
20 Uhr Godzilla & Bambi food crossdressing orgy
Sunday, 27. Juli 2008
11 Uhr latex water Partner-Yoga
13 Uhr plush animals drugs expansion/K
16 Uhr submission steel conceptual orgy
18 Uhr food fire expansion/G
22 Uhr play party in schwelle7
(Please book this Party directly in schwelle7 - the entrance fee is not included in the daily ticket from xplore08. As an exception owners with a three-day-ticket - they have free entrance at the party)