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Seminar: Precision

Dasniya Sommer

is a performance artist and co – founder of schwelle7. In the broadest sense her work is an examination in the field of personal relations. She explores patterns of behaviour in the realm of emotional and physical bounds and analyses how these are linked towards thinking.

Beside the aesthetic experience the combination of Dance, Yoga and BDSM creates for her general questions around different systems of value and is hence also a political investigation.

Dasniya studied classical and contemporary dance in Berlin and New York. She worked with the Cie Felix Ruckert and for the State Ballet Berlin. Since she was kid she was trained in different schools of Yoga and meditation. Among others she was tought by Amnuay Baddhanasiri, Ajarn Poh (Thailand) and Stefan Dreher.


Yoga and Rope by Dasniya Sommer

Our intention is to grasp our own anatomy both in form and detail. To evolve awareness and intuition of the placement of hands, limbs and all other parts so as to link mental awareness to physical awareness.

We will take traditional yoga techniques to use their functional and aesthetic qualities, and refine them utilising bondage rope.

Rope extends muscle and sinew; its tactile momentum brings our senses to the here and now and merges with the experience of shibari rope in its qualities of sensuality and manual dexterity .

Please bring tracksuit pants and bondage ropes, if available.

Trainingshose und Bondage Seile nach Möglichkeiten mitbringen.