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Seminar: Love-feast

Norah Nova

grew up in an alternative-lifestyle queer-polyamorous commune on the Balearics in the 80s, so no need to ask what put the depravity into this forlornly innocent-seeming waif . Years later, along with Lati, Doll and Babe – three hybrid nymphs from outer space – she escaped the German provinces to the Vienna cityscape. There, as befits the line of duty of a devil with an angel's heart, she devoted herself to exploring the effect of the crystalline. After a detour through the Netherlands and the Rhineland she has ended up in Hamburg, where Norah, now 27, with her ample figure is working on her ascent from despicable bohemian to grande dame. Beside her unnumerable affairs she occasionally finds time to commit short stories to paper, among which most recently are fragments of the Great German Reunification novel.

Seminar: Love-feast

"Come, sit on my lap. Tell me what you've eaten today." She did as he asked, and thus began a very special love story. But not what you're thinking! Within days the guy who made the request was history, but the great love – eating – lives on.

And so, on this sensual trip through the world of oral cravings, Norah Nova invites not only those 33.4 percent who prefer eating to sex, but also the 66.6 percent who have no problem in mixing business with pleasure are equally welcome! Let us experience food with all senses: tasting, gorging, feeling by tongue, smelling, wallowing in satiety. Let us tickle the tastebuds with sweetness, sourness and bitterness and explore boundaries such as shame and disgust.