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xplore is a three-day event on creative sexuality, BDSM, performance and ritual. There will be over 40 workshops, demonstrations and performances covering different varieties and aspects of sexuality.

The theme of xplore08 is MATERIAL AND ACTION.

The focus of xplore07 was on emotion and reflection. This year the focus is on the practical application of objects and substances. We will be investigating a variety of materials from different viewpoints and link them to sexuality and the body. Many of the workshops will not be tutorials as such, more a shared experience and activity. We are planning scenes, installations and music to enable interactive, individual and practical access.

As befits the theme, we have invited a larger number of lecturers than usual this year, and as always many workshops have been designed exclusively for xplore. And there is of course as usual the standing invitation to our fabulous finale party on Sunday evening.

Welcome to our playground!

Once again xplore08 is being held in the bright, spacious premises of “schwelle7”. Located in a loft space of a former factory in Uferstraße in Wedding in Berlin. Weather permitting, there will also be a marquee and a lounge in the courtyard. schwelle7 is an independent venue for the overlap between BDSM and art, with workshops, performances and parties throughout the year.

xplore is a platform for a row of extraordinary people who work, research and play in and around the phenomenon of sexuality. The techniques and rituals they have developed are as multi-facetted as sexuality itself and – just as frequently– will astonish. Some comprise a spiritual journey; some provide a form of therapy; some are conceived with aesthetic intent; some the quest for the transgressive; some are subordinate to ecstasy; some serve only meditative relaxation. Mostly though, the goal is lust, pure and simple. What unites the forms is however the the sense of the playful, the communicative, the creative and the public. Art, in body and soul; representing an alternative sexual culture.

xplore invites unconventional lecturers from diverse backgrounds, each providing an introduction to their subject in over 40 workshops. As always, given the organic and changeable nature of xplore, there may be amendments at short notice or even unlisted performances.

The intention of xplore is to spark new ideas and images. We want to promulgate an intelligent, tolerant and play-oriented approach to sexuality. xplore calls out to all those who love and think in unconventional terms from all walks of life, all scenes and subgroups. We invite you all to exchange and learn from each other.

Enjoy new experiences!

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