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Seminar: Making water


has predominantly been a producer of documentaries for film and TV since the mid 80s. Sexuality has fascinated her from her youth; above all its more hidden aspects. Boundaries are what she finds especially thrilling; either in their exploration, or even overstepping them. It is the most elemental expression of humanity, that ultimately allows no compromise. How far do people go, what does their sexuality bring them to do – with themselves, with others? Control, submission, pain, lust – libido as instinct of life. She loves playing with the elemental, the immediate, with distance and proximity.

Seminar: Making water

Play with liquid presents a broad range of options. Water is the primary matter of all being. Water and body fluids in relation to substance and sensuality will form part of my contribution to xplore08. Water in its different states, in various quantities and at different temperatures, applied internally and externally, can evoke a spectrum of sensory inputs: pain, disgust, loss of control, lust. Water can caress, suffocate, comfort or scare. Body fluids may arouse, disgust or forge odiferous bonds.

We will explore the applications of water with playful intent and investigate the different sensations created by it. The exercises, expeditions and focus are dependent on the needs and feedback of the group.

Please bring a towel with you!