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                 Konzeptuelle Orgie/Vögeln und Schreiben
                 Die Farm

Felix Ruckert

is considered one of the most innovative contemporary European choreographers. Before his plays characterized by strong concepts like Hautnah, Ring, Deluxe Joy Pilot and Secret Service brought him to international renown, he danced with Wanda Golonka, Mathilde Monnier, Pina Bausch and others. Felix Rückert often integrates the spectator, bringing him face to face with intense emotion. He creates special techniques of physical communication and cognition for this interactive choreography, evolving an art of tactility. Another focus of his work is the developement of structures of improvisation and techniques of composition. In recent years he has increasingly worked as a visiting choreographer with classical and contemporary ensembles.

He has been involved in BDSM theory and practice for several years, and has integrated this into his artistic work. He sees BDSM is a cultural achievement. He uses his knowledge of body and movement to explore and cultivate S/M-rituals as an art form. His great curiosity for the body, sexuality and ritual inspired him to create xplore, which took place for the first time in 2004. He founded schwelle7 together with Dasniya Sommer in Berlin in 2007. schwelle7 is devoted to playing with the links between art and BDSM.

Seminar: DEHNUNG / EXPANSION mit Rudolf

Seminar: Konzeptuelle Orgie/Vögeln und Schreiben

Performance:  Die Farm