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Seminar: Steel

Paula L. Rosengarthen

born in 1974, has worked as sexual consultant since 2007. Before that she was an erotic instructor, author, and actress. She is a lifestyle queer, with a husband and an extensive, interlinked polyfamily in Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. She developed her first workshops drawing upon the experience of more than 450 individual consultations and conversations on eroticism, sex, coming-out and prophylactics. Her work was originally addressed primarily to lesbian or bisexual women, but since 2003 she has directed her approach to people of all gender and preference, appearing for example at xplores 04 to 07.

Paula is fascinated by every avenue with which to explore sexuality and the body. She is both a keen learner and networker. She has herself found intense insight into emotion, substance, image and personal stance through her own work on art projects involving photography and the body. Her private interests include a great passion for rare books on sexology, alongside improvisational theatre, photography and crime fiction.

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Seminar: Steel

Steel connections - Pull, skin and depth

This workshop is an opportunity to experience the intensity of needles piercing the skin. After a short introduction, Paula L. Rosengarthen will thread the needle and make the connections. Depending on the dynamics the essence may move in several directions; Ritual, meditation - sadistic game? This workshop addresses people happy to try out new things.

Clasping steel

This second workshop is concerned with the interface of skin and clamp rather than penetration, but won't be any less intense in terms of experience and emotion. How far will we accept this binding of pain and stability? What is the significance of this weaving of flesh and material in this space? - What is material - What is objective pain - What is attachment - deliberate acceptance?- Where will the group dynamic take us?