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Seminar: Oil performance: warmth - comfort - slippiness

Michael Hartenfels and Maren Emde

A couple in an open relationship for seven years. Directors of the schools of love in Berlin and Frankfurt.

Michael: free thinker, artist, homoeopath, spiritual teacher. Loves Rome and Berlin, loves aesthetic and female beauty.

Maren: Highly regarded Master's in German studies, since which she has been without regular employment, but primarily active as a freelancer. Seeker of the spiritual. Tantra-masseuse. Love instructor. Wants to bring fine things into the world.

Together: Potent mixture, leaping boundaries, as far as "free love", high romance and idealism goes, a model for others.

Seminar: Oil performance: warmth - comfort - slippiness

Do you desire a collective experience of sensuality? We offer a performance with oil in a safe, intimate space. How does it feel, to be body among bodies, with closed eyes, free of your mind and its judgments? Where does my body want to go?

The action is embedded in a ritual. This is an unequivocally non-sexual action. Certainly there will be sensual and erotic moments, but we request you merely perceive them and not to derive any activity from them. Bodily contact is often synonymous with sexual contact in our culture; there are (as yet) but few moments where bodies may simply relax and recharge, where they can love and be loved in a detached way, without commitment.

The material we will use is simple and imaginably rich: fine, neutral, heated oil poured on the skin, spread about the entire body for lubrication. This will be the ocean in which you and the other anointed swim together. Enjoy!

8 participants minimum
duration circa 2 h
Please bring towel and soap/shampoo

The oil performance at xplore will be attended and assisted by dancer Sophie Winkler.