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Seminar: Queer/Straight School For Submission


is an artist, born in 1965 in Switzerland. Education in contemporary dance and social work, TCM-Trainer (Chinese Medicin), currently training as a Dance Therapist, several projects in Switzerland and Germany. She lives with her son in Berlin.

Seminar: Queer/Straight School For Submission by MonaBlue and Peter

Did you ever fantasize about being a student in a school for submission? Or a teacher? This is a special school, for those interested in the various arts of submission and devotion. Each participant will have the opportunity to teach and to learn. The school will be structured according to a quasi-heterosexual premise, where "men" will teach "women" and "women" teach "men", however each participant may choose the gender they identify with—and/or wish to engage with. Teachers will invent the class they wish to teach, and students will choose the classes they wish to take. However, there will be evaluations...

Whoever you are, you are going to learn something about yourself and about others. This is an opportunity to build trust and to feel questioned.

Saturday: Men/Teachers (Principal: Mona Blue) – Women / Students
Sunday: Women / Teachers (Principal: Peter) – Men/Students