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Seminar: The body electric!

Steffen alias e-play

was born in 1965 and had his first experience of electricity some twenty years ago. His works in developing high-tech electronics, and he applies this knowledge to explore the variety and effects of electricity, mostly on himself and his partners. He has established when and how electricity can cause erotic stimulation, and he has been performing this erotic practise at numerous SM parties with play partners of both sexes. His e-play device draws on this experience to provide the utmost erotic experience of electricity.

Seminar:  The body electric!

For many, the word "electricity" will send a shiver down the spine. You might associate it with cattle prods and pastures, or an unpleasant electric shock or such like, and wonder how anyone could find that erotic. This workshop is to reduce fears and anxieties and show how stimulating electricity can be, what to be aware of and its application in practise.

Our nerves and muscles communicate by means of tiny electrical impulses; a very delicate system of intensity and sensuality. Nerves can be externally stimulated by means of vibration, or with the aid of electricity. The advantage of electricity is its almost infinite variation in intensity, from gentle to extreme. Its variety is incredible. Gentle throbbing, rhythmic thumping, nasty itching or painful prickling. Muscles contract and set blood racing. Relaxation and tension follow in quick succession. A surge of sensation takes you aloft …