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Seminar: Rubberized sensuality

Violetta Stahl

(34, resident in Berlin) assists women intent on becoming a dominatrix. She organizes and moderates numerous workshops and lectures on and around BDSM and fetishism in the whole German-speaking world.

Since her own coming out and entry into the SM and fetish scene, she has been very active and is always interested in new and rewarding contact to exciting people. To this end she spends much of her time travelling and setting up events where people can meet. She has also recently founded a platform for women involved in the erotic either in business or at home.

Her personal passion is latex as a sensual pleasure in itself, but also as an enhancement of an SM scene.

There is more information about Violetta Stahl here:

Seminar: Rubberized sensuality

One material as a sensual delight in itself. Playing with rubber is completely individual: sensory deprivation, restriction, role play and much more besides. Its smell, its sensation on your skin, its look – all this makes latex a popular fetish. That range of possibility and and the experience involving every one of the senses is the scope of Violetta's workshop.