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Seminar: Playing with fire

Mo Herzinger

lives together with her partner, her brother and her chosen family on the oustkirts of Berlin. Her experience in SM and her career as a dominatrix were considerably influenced by her work in performance art using fire, in pyrotechnics, choreography and as a lecturer for dance theatre along with her thirteen years of experience in Wicca. She sees SM as an intense and creative kind of communication.

Seminar: Playing with fire

Fire is the element most I am familiar with, and which in play invokes exceptionally strong emotional as well as physical reactions. It is sensual, erotic, dangerous and always unpredictable. Its use in a session requires extensive knowledge of safety precautions and awareness of suitable materials as a prerequisite. This workshop will approach this element with the respect it deserves both in theory and practice.

Small burns of various intensity (no third-degree!) and temporary scars may occur. These are part of the game. The intensity of the burn is controllable, but seldom completly avoidable. During the workshop only cotton, linen or leather clothing is permitted.

Bare skin is welcome, polyester and similar materials are a no-no.